Top 10 Blogging Tips for all Bloggers

Blogging is one of the biggest Online earning Platform and Everyone wants to Earn online or in his Extra part-time. If you are new in Blogging and want to earn online then create a blog and start writing quality content. Most of Bloggers Write some quality articles and monetize their blog but they stop working further so this is not Blogging. Start Regular Work on your Blog, Write daily one Article and Publish it. Also, Make Quality backlinks. Here some Important Steps and Tips for Bloggers read and follow. 

#1:  How to Monetize Blog in 10 Days? 

First of all, find a good domain and try to select the best domain related to your niche. If you want to Start without more investment then is completely free and you can redirect custom domain on blogger. Also, you can Upload your own Blogger Theme. Select domain, Redirect it on blogger in After Redirecting Select a theme or Upload a Template and Customize it according to your thoughts and plan. If you want to spend amount then work on a WordPress blog.  Select a free WordPress theme or upload paid theme and also customize it. After that choose the best web hosting for your blog. Once you have done all this then Start Research and select some good search keywords for articles. Create Important pages in your blog like Contact us, about us and privacy, policy. Write Articles on your all Keywords and try to publish 1 to 3 articles daily. Once you complete 15 Articles then Inxed your blog. Make Sure that you have written article for your all categories. So after Indexing Apply for Google Adsense. 

#2: Write Article in Detail with Examples

This is very Important Step for audience engagement. Try to write first for yourself, means what you like and what you will understand easily. Attractive Article Hack mind and attention of the reader so put attraction in your writing. Write catchy & meaningful heading, Give examples and also add some Question answer in your Article. Write 2000 plus words article and try to discuss all related topics in your article in details. Don't try to publish half or short article because it will increase your bounce rate which affects badly on website ranking. 

#3: Design Attractive Images and Infographics for your Blog 

Image and infographic Designing is one of the art which catch the attraction of the visitors. Nowadays all Youtubers and bloggers Using different tools for image designing and its work. So Design Attractive Image with the blog title. Use for Free image Designing and Infographic making in free and make best designs. 30 percent of visitors come to our site from our image design and mostly stay on our site and also they check other pages and graphics. 

#4: Build Backlinks and Build Authority 

Backlinks are the backbone and will help you in website/blog Articles ranking. Google Like Unique Content and Natural Backlinks. Find General Profiles Links and make Profiles, Forums, Question answers sites, Dofollow Bookmarks, Local listing, and Guest Post. Don't go for PBN (Private Blog Network) because PBN is just created for backlinks selling. Try to build backlinks at your niche related sites, also analyze competitor website backlinks. 

 #5: Fix Your Google Webmaster Tool Issues

Add a theme, plugins free and paid, contact form and many more things then Make it visible to search engines. By the help of Google Webmaster Tool, we can verify our google with Google. Once you index your website then after some time check your site in webmaster and fix all Issues. Fixing Issue will increase your website index in google and ranking. 

How to Fix Issue in Google Webmaster? 

It's Very Easy just Login to your Google Webmaster Tool and check your site Performance, check valid and Excluded. Open Excluded and check what is the problem. Fix all issues from the Excluded portion in Webmaster. 

#6: Settings-Permalink in Your Articles 

For engagement and making your post search engine friendly set anchor text in your content. Use your previous articles links in your new article and also for more guidelines add high authority websites links. Permalinks become very necessary in recent years because most of the websites and blogs sharing relevant content in different parts. This is not easy to write all related topics in one blog so we can write different articles and share links of the previous article link in a new blog. 

#7: Analyze your competitors Content and Backlinks on Regular Base 

Competitor analysis is an important step for your website growth. For Competitors analysis, you can use many tools like,, and Check here Top Keywords of the competitors, Top pages of the Websites, Backlinks of the competitor's Websites and Daily traffic on competitors websites. Use all of their Keywords and also create backlinks from their links. 

#8: Promote Your Blog on Social Media Platforms

Social Media is the biggest platform for promotion purpose. Nowadays all the biggest companies using social media platform for their brand and products promotion. You can create an account on,, and many other sites where you can promote your website/blog. Also Creat facebook and Linkedin Page for your business. 

#9: Give time to Blogging

Investing time in Blogging is equal to Investing Money so invest all of your free time in blogging. Read other blogs check how they are working. Create Quality Content and Creative Images for your Blog. Analyze your blog and check from which topic you are getting traffic then work more on that category. 

#10: Optimize Your Blog Images / Rank it on Google 

I Shared here 10 Blogging Tips for all Bloggers but This one is my favorite tip. I have Sports Blog and I am working on my blog from last three years and all of my blogs images ranked on Top. You can Rank google images also if you change it in Paint. 

How to Optimize Images? 

Simply go to Google and search your topic related keyword. Now go to the portion of the images and check all images which one is related to your Blog. Download Image and save it with a different name. Open Image in paint and edit it, if you want then add 1 more image with this. When you edit your image then go to where you can reduce the size of the image. Reduce the image size and save it again. Now click on the image Property and add Title of the Image, Tags of the Image, Author means website link and add article link in the comment portion. Save the image and upload it to your site, after somedays you will see it on google. When someone uses your image from google or website you will get a backlink from their site. This is amazing just try to it and tell me.