Best Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Bloggers mostly used Google Chrom for working purpose. It's very hard to find everything from search, so for this purpose chrome allows you to use their free Extensions. There are many Chrome Extensions that help you in finding the result easily. Today I am going to share awesome and Best Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers which help you and also save your time.

Keyword Everywhere Extension

We all know that the first need of a blogger and YouTuber finding Keywords. It's hard to check every keyword in paid tools one by one and also difficult to copy, paste and check-in others tools. Keyword Everywhere is the best and free Chrome Extension for online keyword Volume, CPC and Competition Checking. Just Copy and past your Keyword in Google Chrome and check the Keyword Search Volume, Keyword CPC (Cost per Click), Competition and LSI Keywords with Search Volume, CPC and Competition. 

Grammarly Extension

This is the best and free Chrome Extention for all bloggers and content writers. Grammarly is the extension that helps you in your grammar mistakes and English improvement. When we use Keyword everywhere and find some good search keywords then after that we need to use Grammarly Extension during in the article writing. This Extention Remove all of our mistakes in writing and also suggest the exact words. This is Google verified chrome extension and we can use it without any cost. Just install it in google chrome, open word file or and start writing when you write a word by mistake this tool will highlight your incorrect word. Must install Grammarly because it will remove grammatical mistakes, improve your sentence, word improvement, and many more things in your content.

Mozbar Chrome Extension

Sometimes we need to check quickly website SEO score, Domain and Page Authority vs website spam score. Mozbar Chrome Extension is one of the best free Google Chrome Extention for bloggers from which they can check their website DA, PA, Spammy backlinks and many more things. 

SEOquake A Powerful SEO Toolbox for Browser

SEOquake the best free SEO Chrome Extension for Bloggers. We can check by the help of SEOquake Chrome Extension Website Alexa Rank, Website Google Index, Bing Index, Yahoo, and many other search engines. Also, we can check here Website SEMRUSH Traffic, Backlinks, Website Cache, Social Signals and website age. Once we open this extension then we can see website all details in SERP. So Add Extension to the chrome, Open it and search keyword in google then you will see data about all websites in search results. 

Alexa Traffic Rank Chrome Extension

Millions of sites available on search engine and this are very hard to check your website ranking in millions of sites. for this purpose google allowing you to check your website position globally and country wise. This tool will show you that on which number your site ranked in the world. Alexa Traffic Rank Chrome is the free Extension for all bloggers to check their website Alexa Traffic Rank easily in few seconds. Just Add this Extension to your chrome browser and open your website. Now click on the Alexa Extention and check your site rank. 

Link Miner - Broken Links Checker Chrome

There are many free and paid Broken Links Checker tools available on google but LinkMiner is the free and best Chrome Extention for all bloggers. By the help of Link Miner Extentionyou can easily find all websites Broken Links in few mints. Bloggers always try to find outdated links & broken to get backlinks without guest posting and this is the exact tool for this purpose. Link miner Chrom Extention will show you also errors in code of the broken link. Just add this Extention to your chrome Browser and You open a website. You will see the magic. Must Use this free Free Tool for Broken Links finding. This is a very important extension in the list of Best Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers. 

Buffer Chrome Extension

The best Social Media free extension for chrome. Buffer allows us to manage all social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and many others at a single platform. We can share all news on our social media by the help of Buffer Chrome Extension. We need to post just on Buffer and this will be published on our all social media connected accounts. The Tool also allows you to schedule your blog post for social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many more. It's the best & free Extention for social media management. As a Pro blogger, you should have must a buffer extension in your chrome browser. 

Bitly chrome extension

There are many URL Shortner and but I Recommend Bitly chrome extension. This is the Best URL Shortner and allows us to short our website and articles URL and publish it on different social media accounts. Add this Url Shortner to Google Chrome and also create an account on When you short a URL in Bitly this site will save all of your data. You can check here how many visitors visit your short URL. Get also one do-follow backlink from this site. So Must add this chrome extension to your browser. 

LastPass Chrome Extension

Is one of the best, Secure and free chrome Extention for Bloggers. We know that all SEO workers creating many backlinks on daily biases and for all backlinks, they required to sign up and log in in a site. This is very hard to remember all of our login passwords so LastPass Chrome Extension allows you to save your all passwords here in a spreadsheet. LastPass automatically collect all logins from your browser and save your all passwords. So this is one of the secure and best Extention must use it. 

Lightshot (Screenshot Tool) Extention 

There are many Screenshot Extension which works fine but my favorite is Lightshot Extention for Chrome and Snapping Tool. This is very important to save screenshots of your website/blog. You can save your traffic status weekly screenshots, backlinks, Index and another status. For this purpose, you need you to add a chrome screenshot Extention, and the light shot is the best and free. Must add This Extention to your chrome because this will help a lot. 

Short Summary of the Article 

This article about the Best Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers. All Extensions are Verified by Google and i am not the owner of this Extension so I just share these for only Help Purpose. I have Shared Names, Links and information of the Top 10 best Google Chrome Extensions which very helpful for all bloggers. Also, Visit Top 10 Blogging Tips