How to Become a Blogger ? How to Start a Blog - Easy Guide to Create a Blog for Beginners

Blogging is one of the Easy Way to invest some Money and Earn from Google as well as many other ways. Blogging is considered as the easiest way to start earning in less time but hard work is the key to success. If you want to start a Blog then follow these Steps and start your Own Blog in a single day.  Here are the basic steps to set up a blog.

Pick a Blog Name Something Descriptive and Informative

First of all, You need to Select a Niche, Niche will specify your blog, so must have some Knowledge about the niche, so you can Write Easily. The main essence of a blog is writing, if you can well and Understand English as well as running your own blog will not be a problem for you. Select Something Different and informative Topic and Buy a Domain which may include that niche. If you are facing financial Problem then you can Start Free Blog through Blogger and when you feel that you can Buy Now a Domain, you can easily redirect it on Your Godaddy Domain. The blog name is the First challenge for all Bloggers. So Select Short, Meaningful Domain name for your Future Blog. 

Register your Blog and Get Hosting

The second step for a Blogger Registration of the Blog and Getting Hosting. Hosting plays a vital role Step in the process of Blogging. Many people Select Cheap Hosting which becomes very dangerous in Future. Choose Best Hosting for Your Blog in order to get High Traffic on Your Blog. Select Hosting which Allows Unlimited Real Time. 

Choose a free or Paid template for your Blog

The theme is the face of the Blog. A Beautiful, Awesome theme Will Change your Blog’s Look and make it Attract Visitors to Your Articles. So Select the Best theme and Customize accordingly. You can also choose a free theme but in free theme Customizations are limited. You cannot customize it fully as per your requirement. So Try to buy the good them for Your Blog.  

Install Wordpress on Your Domain 

This step is important if you are a WordPress Users. If you want to create a Wordpress Blog then After getting a Hosting provider You need to Install Wordpress. If you want to Run Your Blog on Blogger then this step is not required. 

Install Plugins 

After Installation of Wordpress, an Important Step is the Plugin Selection for a Blog. Here are some Important Plugins which I want to Mention. Install Youst SEO Plugin or all in one SEO. Add Classic Editor Plugin, Google Analytics, Re-add text underline and justify, and Redirect 404 Error Plugin. 

Write & publish Articles on Blog

After Installation of Wordpress and Plugins, we need to Start Sharing Data, information and media Gallary on Blog. This is one of the Interesting most interesting steps and it will Never End. Try to Find Some Well Searched Low competition Topics and Start Collecting Data about that it, Images and Share it on your Blog. 

Promote your blog. Get Organic people on your blog and start Making money


Final Step is Blog Promotion. Get more Visitors on your blog and Register it with a company. If your Blog is about Shopping, Products descriptions or Buying, and Selling, You can Apply for Amazon affiliation and Start Earning from Amazon. If your blog related to the News and media the You can Apply for Google Adsense or Admob on Your Blog.