Why Do People Fail To Make Back links to Rank Their Sites With The Solutions | Free SEO Training

Many newbies think that if we have found keywords or niche, I would rank within a few months and I will earn thousands of dollars from Google Adsense.
But it doesn't work in this way. You need to work hard. Most of the people never get success when they make the first new site as the same happened to me.
It is important to fail in order to get success when it comes to blogging. Because of Fail Ky Baad Jo Success Ka Maza Hi Kamal Ka Hai

I like to explain in points so that you can understand better.
1. You Focus More On Creating Content. So Spend One Day For:
There are 7 days a week or 168 hours a week. You spend all the 7 days on creating content. You overlook the factor of backlinks. You must keep in mind that making backlink is number one ranking factor for blogs so does the watch time for Youtube videos.
You have the misconception that if my site is new, I should not create backlinks. Seriously?
Everyday a lot of new sites get famous and they get backlinks from major news and other websites then they get ranked within a few days.
It's not said by Google that you should not make backlinks from very the first day provided you create quality backlinks that I shared a few days ago at this link.
Spend one day of your week on just creating backlinks. You can write guest posts on this day too because it is a part of backlink not the part of your content because you publish on other websites.
2. If You're Lazy Pakistani or Indian. So Spend One Day and 6 Days Strange Rest for Ranking:
I know you're busy. We are so-called busy. You think creating content every day is important but it is not true all the time. And you never make a site or write an article.
You can write one article per week and then spend 6 days to rank by making backlinks or promoting it until it ranks.
It is the way of the Backlinko founder, Brian Dean, he writes one article once a month or two, then PORI JAN LAGA DETA TO RANK IT (spend the rest of his money or effort to rank it).
3. You Don't Make Any Schedule or To-Do List. Enjoy Life Too
You like to spend hours to hours on Facebook, and you're running a blog - wasting a lot of time, then you think you're the king of the internet.
If you waste 3 hours a day, then it means you waste 90 hours a month, it becomes whole 4 days. OMG!
Make a schedule when you will make backlinks, and when you will write content when you will enjoy on social media or with your old friend eating a pizza. You can make on Evernote or Google Spreadsheet.
Enjoy your life, spend some time with your family too, and rest of your time on such things.
Hint: You can watch the video of ,,,, on finding websites for back links at Here.
Note: Create quality backlink. Don't think of quantity. A backlink from BBC is hundred times more powerful than a normal domain.