What is a Quality Comment and the Psychology Behind It | Blog Commenting Tips

If you want to understand SEO, you must know the true definition of value.
It should give value to people as Google has advanced thanks to machine learning technology that is making Google better, but complicated to understand too.
If you give a value to people then Google will give you for sure.
This rule applies everywhere from creating backlinks to writing content, from writing a comment and making a web 2.0 blog.
It depends on a lot of other factors, and the major one is the niche the second one is the website.
Some websites have strict rules to comment where you are less likely to comment with your site link in the comment section.
Here again, the major point is not to get a backlink rather bring quality traffic because it will increase your ranking indirectly as I have told many times it is the major ranking factor. I have observed this ranking factor, it's working for me.
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Okay! You have understood your major goal should be to bring the traffic because it will give more impact of ranking for your site.
I know, I know! You're facing a problem to comment on a blog because you see other users are doing without any problem.
You have to accept the reality that with the passage of time, getting a backlink may be difficult to achieve.
As in 2002, you can rank your site with only On-Page SEO. Then in the upcoming years, people used to buy thousands of backlinks pointing to the main site to rank better.
Similarly, the mindset of people change with the passage of time, not all the websites accept guest posts, the same goes for commenting on a blog.
In simple words, it becomes difficult to impress the people with the passage of time. So the question comes how you can impress the modern people? Especially the people who are running big blogs.
You have to build the relationship. The best ways are the following:
1. Appreciate the author. Who doesn't like the Tareef of himself? Every writer wants whatever he has written is being appreciated. It motivates him and makes him happy and delighted.
Note: All big authors are tired of hearing the NICE POST, NICE INFORMATION kinda comments
You have to be unique. How can you be unique?
By reading his complete article, and tell the most amazing part of this article, and explain why you did like the article. Find every time a unique way.
If you're facing problems, you can check the comments of the top people who comment on that blog.
2. Call Him or Meet Him: You have to meet the blogger in your life. Because the friendship of digital world and the real world is utterly different.
When you will meet him just for once and you presume that you have developed a good relationship, you can ask him for a guest post, comment.
Hint: Even you fail, keep trying.
3. Help Him: You can help him by pointing out the grammar mistakes, broken links, and other things. Use your brain, it is one the best things the writer will love you.
WARNING: Girls should not do it otherwise he will fall in love with you. LOL!
Examples of Good Comments with Backlinks:

1. Quora:

Reason: It's long, and so no feelings of spam.

2. Disqus on Ahref

Reason: it doesn't make sense to make understand people without giving a backlink to the article.
Hint: You can make an anchor text of any type on Disqus with HTML.