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Top 10 SEO Tips for high Ranking

Here I am going to share Awesome and Latest SEO Tips for those people who want to improve his site ranking and visitors. I am going to Share Top SEO Techniques that you can use Right now. By this SEO Techniques, you can boost your Ranking in very Less time.

#1: Find Broken Link Building Opportunities on Wikipedia

Broken Link building is one of the Scalable, White Hat and Powerful SEO Technique. You Can do this type of Activity Easily. If you have no idea how to get free backlinks from Wikipedia so its an easy Task. First of all Create Powerful Wikipedia Page. After creating go to google and search a query about your niche. when you search your target Keyword with the reference of Wikipedia in google then you can see lots of Pages, Open Relevant Page and try to edit, go to Edit Reference and by the help of Ctrl search in Wikipedia page (Dead link). When you complete your search and find a Dead Link then Copy your own link and replace your link with Dead Link. When you Remove the Dead Link and Past your own link in the Wikipedia Page then Remove the Word Dead Link and save your Page.   
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First, use simple search string: [keyword] + “dead link” 

Example, if you were in the investing place you’d search for query like this:

google search string

Visit to a Relevant page from search results:

wikipedia entry in google
Hit ctrl + f for Query “dead link”:

browser search ctrl f

When you Click on the Search bar than your browser will jump to a dead links if a page have dead link. 

Once You Found Dead Link Then What is your Next Step:

Visit for Complete Method

2. Discover Fresh Untapped Keyword on

You can use to Reddit to find fresh topic of the month of the year. use that topics on your blog / website and get lots of visitors.

3. Update and Republish Old Blog on your site (This Increased My Traffic)

You Can Update your Post on the site after some time. when you update your site and blogs the google read them again and this improve your ranking on google. Instead of writing new post for Emil’s case study, why don’t I add changes to an existing post? so don't write one topic again and again just update your post.

4. Make Killer Title, Description Tags

First of all Create for your post a killer Title, Killer Title means awesome , heart broker Title the Title that people and google love. Choose your title about of your Keyword, our focus keyword is must in your title. Also create Relevant Description that consist keyword.    

5. A+ Link Prospects on AllTop

AllTop is a latest day directory that curates the awesome blogs in every industry under the sun.  

To find blogs in your same niche, just go to the AllTop homepage and search for a Query:

alltop search

You could use to find quality link on date wise about of your niche. so you can use that blogs for your site and  

Next Step, find a relevant category that available with your site’s topic:

alltop search results

Result: ALLTOP will show you the result for your category.  

alltop fitness page

Now You have lots of blogs that you can use for your site. All of Site owners are looking for people who can write for him and all accepting guest Posting on his site. 


Don't Choose a spam site from here. lots of site having high DA and PA but also some site spam rate is large so try to free spam site from here.

6. Content Curation

Let’s face it: Most content curation is best weak.  Lets See how can you make your content curation?

Benefit-Focused Content Curation is same to other types of curation, with one huge difference with each other: Content Curation focuses on the outcomes that your audience like.

I am 100% Sure that once you see this Example then you would like his way. 
Lets SEE:

This guide has generated lots of visitors from social media, forums, blogs and main search engines:

"How to Get World-Class Back Links From Content Marketing"

link building guide chapter 3

Follow the Same formula and work on this.

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7. Link Out from yours to Authority Sites

Link to at least 2 quality, relevant sites in every piece of content that you publish on your blog and other platform. choose high sites and link then in your post its great for your better performance. 

8. Send Juice to Pages Sitting on Page 2 or 3

I’m not sure how else to say this: If you’re on google page 2 or 3 of search results…you might as well be on page 60.  

So how can you boost that page so they hit the first page?  

Use one of my all-time favorite SEO method: By some internal links their way!

send pagerank internal links

Here is three steps process 

Step 1: Use Google Search Console and find your exact keyword position. Login to your webmaster and click on Search Traffic –> Search Analytics:

google search console search analytics

First Make sure to check “position”.  You can see all the average ranking for each keyword in Search Analytics.

search console position

Then, sort the all results by “Position”:

search analytics sort by position

Find a Keyword with an average position 11 to 30. if your keyword getting awesome click so consider that your keyword have awesome search volume. 
Lets See Example:

google keyword planner data

Step #2: Identify authoritative pages on your web site

You can easily find most authoritative pages on your web site by using a paid Ahrefs tool. 

Just Enter your domain:
ahrefs homepage search
Go to the Top Pages on right side bar and you can see that how many pages of your site are top. 

ahrefs top pages

Step #3: Go to those pages and internal links low pages

You can add your Low visitors page with your most authoritative pages. this way is easy and also working. 

9. Add Your Outreach Email to Increase Response Rate by 45%

This is an Example of Outreach Email
example outreach email

10. Write Mini Blog Posts for your YouTube Descriptions

Lots of People just writing for you tube video a short description. More awesome way is that to write a complete blog like 200 words and also put your links to that content. 

1 Example of YouTube publishing

youtube description
this way is not perfect. so try to next step

long youtube video description

You can see here that he share high Quality 200 Words description with his link. this way is one of the best way for getting high ranking and high visitors. 

Top 10 SEO Tips for high Ranking 2017 | Best SEO Tips 2017 | Backlinko, seo tips, local seo tips, seo optimization tips, wordpress seo tips, seo tips and tricks, seo tip,google seo tips, youtube video seo tips, seo tips for new website, seo writing tips. 

I am going to stop here more writing so wait for next post and also share your thoughts about Top 10 SEO Tips for high Ranking.