what is seo writing | Types of SEO Writing, SEO Writing Tips

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, the process of optimization of a website so people can find it using search engines like Google. The SEO writing mainly focused on seeking the attention of search engine by using specific words or the phrases that are commonly known as keywords or key phrases. 

The website draws those people who search certain specific things. To buy a certain product it needs the traffic come to their site and stay there, so search engine helps the traffic to point specific website. Once the search engine gives you a certain good website you will now read that website, not the search engines itself.

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There are four types of SEO writing as follow.

  • #1_Blog

The Blog is the platform for the conversation and relationship. It provides you the path to put your views and ideas from the peak of formality to the most casual way that includes ideas, views, life or sports events and celebrations.

  • #2_Article

The informative, innovative and thought and ideas came under the banner of Article. Writers seek the best answer to all market and concise them to the single article packed with limited words.

  • #3_Buying Guides

Buying Guideline is helps to show your knowledge about the product and it guides the customers to purchase a product according to their need. The SEO content hyper-relevant to your selling and to whom you sell it.

  • #4_Product Description

The SEO writing focus on the description of a product and how the consumer uses the product that you are selling what benefits he gets. They not only concentrate on the features but on the benefits, they can take from those features.

  • #5_SEO Writing Techniques

  • Use a Calendar. Being an online marketer one should use the content calendar that helps you to plan and write all activity of the year. The calendar must focus you to identify the important dates and to search for keywords and topics.
  • Create Outlines. Creating the outlines for the blog posts and articles help you to clearly show your structure of writing, saves time and efforts. Generally, an outline contains a search engine optimization headline, the hierarchy of keywords and the message (idea, thought).
  • Write for Audience. Many businesses churn out the article for the search engine. Finding the content and utilizing it is two different things. When you search something you put it on the search engine, it will give the results, which user accept or ignore according to the quality of content.
  • Include Keywords. Most writers understand the worth of keywords but don’t understand how to use them in good rank. The keyword should be included in the main heading and sub heading in the beginning. Keywords and phrases add the value to the writing.
  • Include Images. It is not a technique for writing it simply adds charm to it. It increases the writing worth and keeps the reader engaged in an image as well as in writing. If highly optimize image is used it will boost the traffic. 
what is seo writing | Types of SEO Writing, SEO Writing Techniques, seo writing, seo content writing, seo article writing, seo writing tips, how to write seo content, seo friendly content writing services